S. Novo and  J. Rojo
A long-term integrator based on Kirchgraber LIPS-code
pp. 790-794 from Vol. 2 in
C. Perello, C. Simo and J. Sola-Morales (eds.)
EQUADIFF91, International Conference on Differential Equations, Barcelona, 1991
World-Scientific, Singapore, 1993

Kirchgraber derived in 1988 an integration procedure (called the LIPS-code) for long-term prediction of the solutions of equations which are perturbations of systems having only periodic solutions. In a previous paper we introduced some modifications of Kirchgraber's code which result in improved accuracy and shorter computation time. In this communication this new integrator is described and some examples are given to illustrate its performance.
AMS(MOS) subject classification: 65L05

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