S. Novo y J. Rojo
Sobre el espectro continuo de las ecuaciones de la  Magnetohidrodinámica
pp. 495-499 in
I Congreso de Matemática Aplicada / XI CEDYA
Fuengirola, Málaga, Septiembre 1989

The spectrum of the linearized Magnetohydrodynamics equations plays an important role in the study of plasma configurations. In this paper we develop a theoretical and computational method to find the Alfvén frequencies of the Shafranov-Solovev equilibrium. A comparison is made between the actually computed eigenvalues and those obtained from the WKB approximation, which is shown to fail for the lower frequencies. Our method, with obvious modifications, may be applied to all toroidal axisymmetric equilibria.
AMS(MOS) subject classification: 76W05, 41A60

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