BCAM-IMUVA Summer School on Uncertainty Quantification for Applied Problems

July 4-7, 2016, Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain)

Short Talks

  • Adaptive Multi-Level Monte-Carlo method for stochastic variational inequalities

    Evgenia Babushkina, Free University Berlin (Germany)
    Abstract       Slides

  • Bayesian Statistical Inference in Ion-Channel Models with Exact Missed Event Correction

    Ben Calderhead, Imperial College London (United Kingdom)
    Abstract       Slides   Paper 1   Paper 2

  • Integration method for piecewise smooth functions

    Sergio López-Ureņa, Universidad de Valencia (Spain)
    Abstract       Slides

  • Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for high dimensional problems

    Tijana Radivojevic, BCAM (Spain)
    Abstract       Slides

  • Bayesian inverse modeling for quantitative precipitation estimation

    Katharina Schinagl, University of Bonn (Germany)
    Abstract       Slides

  • Multilevel Monte Carlo for a stochastic optimal control problem

    Qi Sun, Beijing Computational Science Research Center (China)
    Abstract       Slides

  • Uncertainty quantification for kinetic models of collective behavior

    Mattia Zanella, University of Ferrara (Italy)
    Abstract       Slides

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