Castillo de la Mota. Medina del Campo (Valladolid)

15-19 September 2008


General Information

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The Second International Meeting on Coding theory and Applications will be held in the very special setting offered by the Castillo de la Mota in Medina del Campo (province of Valladolid).  The topics of the conference will be the following:

Ø     Network coding

Ø     Quantum codes

Ø     Group codes

Ø     Codes and combinatorial structures

Ø     Algebraic-geometry codes

Ø     Codes and applications

Other related topics can also be considered at the discretion of the scientific committee.


Final versions should be submitted not later than 30th of June. Please observe the recommendation of the referees and follow carefully the instructions LNCS instructions for authors web page. Source files and pdf files should be sent to icmcta@wmatem.eis.uva.es.  Besides this, one of the authors should print the copyright form, sign it, scan it and send the scanned version also to   icmcta@wmatem.eis.uva.es. To fill in the copyright form, please use the following information:

·        Book title: Proceedings of the Second International Castle Meeting on Coding Theory and Applications

·        Volume number: 5228

·        Conference name: ICMCTA 2008

·        Volume editor: Angela Barbero

Each accepted paper should have at least one author registered prior to publication in LNCS, hence authors should complete the registration procedure before the 30th of June.

On-line proceedings:

LNCS 5228 is now available online. You can find information about it at

http://www.springeronline.com/978-3-540-87447-8 or access the online

version at http://www.springerlink.com/content/978-3-540-87447-8/


Recent Results:

We invite researchers in the area to send papers for the recent results session.

The papers will be published in a separate volume with ISBN but there is no time for full reviewing. Please submit your papers as .pdf files formatted for a paper size 17 x 24 cm.,  and do not put page numbers. 


Send your papers by e-mail to icmcta@wmatem.eis.uva.es by 31st of August.



The Castle has very limited number of rooms for accommodation. Those will be assigned according to the order in which inscriptions are received. The rest of the participants will be lodged in other hotels/hostals in the village. You can find information about lodging options in Medina del Campo in this link. 


Inscription form is ready!

Print it, fill it (capital letters, please!), pay it (follow carefully the instructions in the second page of the document) and send the scanned version together with the scanned copy of your payment receipt to   icmcta@wmatem.eis.uva.es.

A number of grants for students will hopefully be available. They will partly cover some of the expenses. If you intend to apply for one of those grants, contact the organization after registering to know more about it.

Medieval Banquet dinner:

Follow this link to know more about this very special dinner

Castillo de la Mota

Medina del Campo   (Valladolid)


Travel Information




Find yourself in the pictures. They are organized chronologically.



·        Pictures taken the 16th of September (Tuesday)


·        Group pictures


·        Medieval banquet dinner pictures


·        Pictures taken the 17th of September (Wednesday)


·        Pictures taken the 18th of September (Thursday)


·        Visit to the Castle


If you have pictures taken during the Castle Meeting that you want to share with us, please send them to me (this is Angela speaking) and I will include them here. 


Thanks to all of you for the participation and for our contribution to the Castle Meeting. I hope you enjoyed and look forward to meeting you again in the 3ICMCTA.



This workshop is supported by:    

  Ingenio Mathematica                                                 Universidad de Valladolid



Red Temática MatSI          
Programa de Movilidad de Profesores en Doctorados con Mención de Calidad 
(Ministerio de Investigación e Innovación)



This page contains a draft of the information you need. It will be regularly updated and you have also the contact address if you have any question, remark or suggestion regarding the Meeting.

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