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Minimal sets in monotone and = sublinear=20 skew-product semiflows I: the general case, =

with = Rafael Obaya and Ana M. Sanz, =
J. Differential = Equations =20 247 (7) (2010), 1879-1897.

The = dynamics of a=20 general monotone and sublinear skew-product semiflow
is analyzed, = paying=20 special attention to the long-term behavior of the
strongly positive=20 semiorbits and to the minimal sets. Four possibilities
arise = depending on the=20 existence or absence of strongly positive minimal sets
and bounded=20 semiorbits, as well as on the coexistence or not of bounded and=20 unbounded
strongly positive semiorbits. Previous results are unified = and=20 extended,
and scenarios which are impossible in the autonomous or = periodic=20 cases are described.=20


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