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La Guadeloupe is an island in the Caribbean Sea, belonging to the French Antilles.

It has the shape of a butterfly as you can see in the map below, and it is ... how

could I define it? ... it is such a beautiful place, just have a look.


And the best of all in la Guadeloupe is .... the people!

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It looks like a paradise, doesn't it?

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A lonely little beach in Pointe des Chateaux (that's the North East Corner of

the island, and the sea that you see is not the Caribbean anymore,  but the

Atlantic Ocean.

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This is why it is called Pointe des Chateaux, because of those rocks.

By the way, the weather was not cold, I'm wearing long sleeves just because the

sun  had already burnt my shoulders.

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This is a mangrove.   Being there was like living a National Geographic


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Did I say before that it looks like a paradise? Are you still not convinced of it?

Just go on

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Still not convinced? What else do you want to see to consider proven that Guadeloupe is a paradise island?

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Tough life!

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After a radiant day....the sun sets.

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Making rhum

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Colourful fruits and spices in a street market

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Even more colourful flowers in another street market

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And this is the Ka

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