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Asturias, patria querida,

Asturias de mis amores,

quien estuviera en Asturias

en todas las ocasiones.


like that goes the anthem of Asturias. No, I'm not from Asturias,

I'm from Castilla-León. But last summer (august '98) I spent a week

in Asturias and ... I can assure you it is a beautiful region.


It is in the North coast of Spain, in between Cantabria and Galicia.

Now have a look at the pictures.


This is the old bridge in Cangas de Onís.

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One of the lakes of Covadonga.

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Some colourful thistles growing near the lakes of Covadonga.

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And this is me taking a picture of me taking a picture of me taking a picture.......

This was in the way to the lakes of Covadonga.

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This is me again, posing in front of a view of Picos de Europa, that is, Peaks of Europe.

The fog made the peaks look like floating in a sea of white cream.

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This is a gaiteiro in Covadonga. Not only Scots know how to play the bag-pipe.

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These are the surroundings of Avilés, an industrial city.

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A peaceful view of the docks in Luanco, a beautiful village devoted to fishing

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Still in Luanco, a visit to the Museo Marítimo. Right out the door of the

museum I found this rope and thought that could be a good subject

for a picture.

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Following the coast, Cudillero. The colourful houses placed in steps reminded

me those in Guanajuato (have you already seen my pictures of Guanajuato?)

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Still at the coast, this is the harbour of Luarca, the white city.

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And here some blue boats, just one was green.

The black sheep...or the green ship.

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And in the picturesque cemetery of Luarca we found the tomb of

Dr. Severo Ochoa, a Nobel Price in Chemistry.

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Now back to the inner land and let's visit some prerromanic monuments.

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This is San Miguel de Lillo. One of my favourites. Only one third of the

original church remains and it still looks impressive!

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Santa Maria del Naranco, from three different angles.

Apparently it was originally a palace. The first floor was the main room. It is still

not clear the use they gave to the ground floor, except for a little room that seems

they used as a sauna. Hey! a sauna in Spain in the IX century!!

Afterwards the whole building was used as a catholic church.

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L.A. 2019? No, Oviedo 1998. At night and with a little fog, yes.

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Walking down in Oviedo one can find lots of sculptures.

Just as a sample I chose two. Seen together make a funny contrast,

the fatty and the skinny (Ollie & Stanley)

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